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Online Diagnostic System

SR::SPC – Statistical Process Control

Power plants and their components experience continuous changes in their operating behavior. As a rule, these changes lead to unseen degradation of plant efficiency or to what appear to be sudden failures of components, which have economic implications. Statistical methods provide a way of avoiding such extra costs. By continuously analyzing available operating values, they provide credible clues toward threatening problems as early as possible.

SR::SPC is an intelligent early warning system for automatically monitoring process quality and the condi-tion of the technical systems and processes in your plant

The advantages of SR::SPC at a glance

  • Reliable and automatic early detection of process weak spots,
  • Conversion of unplanned into planned downtimes,
  • Forward-looking organization of maintenance measures,
  • Ability to monitor very different kinds of technical process parameters automatically and provide continuous support to the employees operating the plant.

Fault Tree

Root cause analysis in case of failures in power plants is a difficult task. Quite often the knowledge to identify and isolate the root cause of a fault comes with experience and not documented. This system facilitates the knowledge sharing by facilitating creation of the fault diagnosis steps based experience of engineers. The system has an intuitive graphical module to create fault trees which could be run with real time data for fault detection.

Once the fault tree is created, the fault detection package allows the drilling down of the faults to root cause analysis to trace the possible cause of faults. The on-line data is used to identify possible faults and then the corresponding fault trees are traversed with the dynamic status of the fault trees to identify the set of events/status of equipment for the fault. The entire path of fault tree is identified for understanding the root cause. Remedial measures can be also programmed as operator guides