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Online Optimization Package

Online Monitoring SR::EPOS

The monitoring of components or parameters provides the information, how far the measured operating state deviates from the possible optimum under the current boundary conditions. In this way, the current weak points of the plant operation can be identified. The attention of the operating staff is drawn to these points, so that the process can be rectified in short-term.

The online application SR:EPOS system monitors the current plant operation and facilitates the operator to compare it with the currently possible optimum on a continuous basis. The calculations are executed automatically in a 5’-cycle on the basis of the current mean values of this time class. The system com-putes online performance based on the current operating parameters and design parameters, using the thermodynamic model of the power plant.

SR1 - Lifetime Monitoring in Power Plants

Power plants components are exposed to high temperature and temperature and suffer material degrada-tion during their lifetime. The degradation originates either from creep of the material caused by pressure induced stress or from fatigue caused by fluctuations of temperature and pressure in the component wall. Because the actual plant operation deviates more or less from design conditions, the accumulated material degradation is not proportional to operating time; therefore a regular monitoring of plant operation is recommended.

The TÜV-certified (TÜV is the German Technical Supervisory Association) software system SR1 continu-ously records operating temperatures and pressures around all critical components of a power plant and from that calculates the resulting contributions due to creep and fatigue. Thus the operator is kept well informed about the current status of the plant, especially about the remaining lifetime of the vital compo-nents. The system helps the power station to:

  • reduce the cost for routine maintenance inspections as well as additional tests
  • keep the operator well-informed about the current status of his plant
  • calculate the creep and the fatigue

SR::MT – Metal Temperature

Inadequately high boiler temperature tubes leads to damage to the tubes leading to tube leaks and un-scheduled shutdowns. The temperature sensors at these locations usually have short life therefore the operators do not have any means to manage the tube temperatures. The metal temperature module gives the temperature profile (temperature of individual tubes) of various heating surfaces of boiler. It also identifies the Hot spots (the tube with maximum temperature in any heating surface). This profile is developed based on:

  • Metallurgical properties and physical dimensions of the tube
  • Flow pattern and temperature of flue gasses
  • Flow pattern and temperature of steam inside the tubes