STEAG Energy Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Our Services


Energy Technologies

STEAG has been Owner and Operator of thermal power plants for the last more than 70 years. Comprehensive engineering services related to development of power plant from concept to commissioning are provided by us for almost 40 years. Our distinguished mark has been “Consultant with Operational Experience”


Renewable Energies

STEAG has undertaken a variety of projects for both the primary forms of Solar power generation i.e. concentrating solar power (CSP) and Photo Voltaic (PV).The market scenario emerging after the launch of JNNSM clearly indicates that in case of CSP & PV, developers prefer EPC-M model instead of EPC model, which is generally followed in case of conventional power plants.”.


Operations & Maintenance

STEAG provides competent operation and maintenance management to ensure the success of long-term investments in power plants and other facilities. It is already successfully operating & maintaining over 3000 MW of thermal power plants.



System Technologies

STEAG works closely for its Indian operations with its parent company in Germany for installation of computerized operations and plant management systems to support the technical management of power plants and industrial facilities, services for systems, communications related tasks etc. It is also in the field of supply and installation of training simulators and solely represents one of the global market leader TRAX, USA of this field.


Plant Services

STEAG provides onsite comprehensive services in context with expert field supervisory services for pre-commissioning / commissioning support, diagnostic studies, RLA testing, performance guarantee tests, water chemistry stabilization etc. of power plants.


Training & Advisory Services

STEAG provides advisory services based on the experience of more than 70 years in the energy business and is fully conversant with organizational structure for Energy Conservation / Management cell in Thermal Power Plants. It is also in the field of undertaking various programs / modules to train the fresh recruited manpower and upgrading of existing manpower using latest techniques and various technologies.


Project Development

STEAG provides services for development of power projects from concept to commissioning. It includes: Pre Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, Detailed Project Report, Environmental Studies, Assistance in obtaining various permits and clearances, Assistance in financial closing etc.