STEAG Energy Services India Pvt. Ltd.

SI® System

SI®- The system for integrated plant management

The SI®-system is the product of 60 years of experience of STEAG in managing plants and controlling energy plants. The SI®-system helps to perform operations and maintenance tasks rationally and trans-parently—from planning shifts to using utilities. In particular, it will help to detect weak spots early and optimize work flows. In addition, it ensures up-to-date information is available about organizational, technical, and economic aspects of equipment.

Functions that simplify work

  • Based on master data and the work data determined in realtime, the SI® system will support in many areas of workflow organization:
  • minimizes the administrative expense for plant management
  • integrates shift book with derivation of orders at the click of a mouse
  • processes orders with automatic forwarding to the employee responsible
  • has a safe disconnection procedure, with conflict monitoring and connection warning
  • optimizes and logs production resource usage and inventories
  • monitors costs, availabilities, and storage levels up to the minute
  • ensures production and quality standards
  • controls relevant information and authorization
  • plans and controls work, records output, and documents
  • SI® reliably supports the implementation of requirements from the German Ordinance on
  • Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung)

  • supports all audit phases

With the aid of the SI® Infobox, each user is assigned only those tasks and given only that information intended for him or her. Each user can view and immediately process the information addressed to him or her according to topic. This makes the SI® Infobox a central contact point in SI® control, from where all other activities are launched.