STEAG Energy Services India Pvt. Ltd.


Power Plant Simulator

STEAG Energy Services India has collaboration with Trax International, USA to develop and market simula-tor using PraTrax toolkit of Trax. Developed simulators have been used for operator training and engineering analysis. Simulators offer the following benefits for operator training:

  • Training and skill enhancement for new plants, retro-fit of new control system & assignment of new units
  • Simulating mal-functions and emergency operations which are not possible in routine training

Simulators can be used for different types of training as well as for difference set of trainees.

SESI uses toolkit developed by Trax International to develop simulators. The toolkit approach ensures that high quality models are developed in short time thereby reducing the overall simulator development, delivery and tuning time.

Salient features of the SESI’s simulators and the associated services are:

  • Training fully Integrated with simulator development
  • Full training services
  • Simulators for coal fired, hydro and CCGT power plants
  • Fully integrated with several controls vendors

The company has developed simulators for coal fired, gas fired and hydro power plants.